BURN BABE BURN/Art Protesters 2012

< Project ReDesign Workers Club BURN BABE BURN, 2012-14

BURN BABE BURN *** Glamorous Austerity 

Video performance series # 1-10 I Part of project ReDesign Workers Club (2004-2014)

Solo project

for Art Protesters Portugal – online art project

Initiated by Joao Galrao and developed by Joao Vilhena and the participating artists

Nominated for SOCIAL MEDIA ART AWARD, 2013

On view: daily post via Facebook  I   Aug 20 – 29, 2012 / Cologne-Lisbon



ART PROTESTERS Brigitte Dunkel click

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ArtProtesters / Project 8. BRIGITTE DUNKEL 20.-29.08.2012




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